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Hand pouring each our candles in Asheville, North Carolina, we strive to craft the cleanest candle possible – made entirely with 100% organic ingredients. We take pride in crafting products with an emphasis on the consumer’s wellbeing, ecological sustainability, and transparency to the consumer.

our ingredients.

We use USDA certified 100% organic beeswax that is responsibly cultivated and harvested in the USA. This means that the bees are never treated with any growth or production hormones, nor ever exposed to flowers sprayed with agricultural chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. We make sure that our candles' wax comes from bees that live a happy, bountiful, and pure life - to not only support our global ecosystem, but also your health and wellness.

We also use USDA certified 100% organic coconut oil in our candle wax. This ingredient being organic also means that it is non-GMO, free of synthetic additives, pesticides, or any other toxic chemicals during its cultivation and processing.

Sourced from a small business based in Pennsylvania, this organic hemp wick is coated in food-grade 100% pure beeswax, allowing for a smooth, clean burn with zero worries about emitting hazardous toxins into the air of your home. Additionally, with the added step of the wick being organic, the hemp was harvested sustainably, with no added synthetic pesticides or growth hormones in its cultivation process - therefore no mysterious chemicals in your EcoBee Candle's wick.

The main reason we've chosen to use organic hemp wick instead of the standard cotton is because hemp has a significantly smaller ecological footprint. One study has shown that it usually takes up to 2,631 gallons of water to produce 2.2 lbs. of usable cotton lint, while it only takes an average of around 719 gallons of water to produce 2.2 lbs. of usable hemp fiber. That's 27% of the amount of water required to make cotton. Cotton farming can have seriously intense impacts on the planet, so we've chosen hemp to support sustainability within the industry.

Our candles use only USDA, Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO), and/or National Organic Program (NOP) certified organic essential oils. Each of our essential oils are delicately and responsibly cultivated in various regions across the world. Proven with a plethora of research on the benefits of essential oils' aromatherapy effects on symptoms of depression, anxiety, pain, and many more, the fragrance in our candle goes the additional mile to be organically pure by nature: no synthetic pesticides, growth hormones, and was harvested with sustainable practices. 

Moreover on sustainable practices: the essential oil industry is growing incredibly fast, meaning demand is skyrocketing and requiring farmers to double down on increasing their harvest. This has lead to widespread overharvesting to meet this exponential demand. To highlight how environmentally intensive the essential oil industry is, it takes 242,000 rose petals to fill just one 5ml bottle! Organic practices ensure a sustainable harvest with the impacts on the environment in mind.

If you choose EcoBee's organic candle, you're helping support the cultivation of a more sustainable and biodiverse world - all while getting the cleanest possible candle experience.

EcoBee in the news!

Community Entrepreneurship Major Launches Business During Pandemic

UVM Senior and EcoBee Organics Founder Bennett Novak making candles at home.

For Bennett Novak, a UVM senior majoring in community entrepreneurship (CENT), being stuck inside the house all day was anything but a disadvantage. Inspiration struck for Bennett last spring in the midst of the pandemic and remote learning. “Quarantine was honestly the perfect storm,” he explained. “All of a sudden I had so much free time.”

It was during this time spent at home that Bennett launched his new organic candle company, EcoBee Organics. As the name implies, Bennett makes his candles out of sustainably harvested beeswax, with an organic hemp wick, and organic fragrances.

“In many ways, CDAE helped to prepare me for this pandemic by encouraging me to give actions to my ideas, leading to the start of this business,” Bennett said. “Being a CENT major gave me the skill set, and quarantine provided me with time. Together, both parts aided in the execution of creating EcoBee Organics.”

With his business, Bennett wants to provide a healthy, organic and sustainable alternative to the toxic paraffin wax typically used in candles, and zinc and cotton wicks, which he says can be harmful to people’s respiratory systems.

“What sets EcoBee Organics apart from all other major corporations is the element of transparency,” Bennett said. “I want customers to know that we are not taking advantage of them.”

Various CENT class lessons helped Bennett start his own business in this climate, such as how to apply an innovative mindset, create a new demand, thrive through creative thinking, and find out where there are opportunities worth taking.

“I have been on a wonderful track with the tools that CDAE has given me,” he said, “and there’s no doubt that being a CENT major has provided me with a great deal of confidence.”

Starting a business was always a part of Bennett’s plan, and he encourages other UVM students to do the same. “Find an idea that you’re passionate about, do your research, test, and get yourself out there,” he recommended. “Talk with people about your ideas, and aim to focus your efforts on ways that will further your passion. In the midst of this pandemic, it may seem harder to connect with others. However, undergraduates have the advantage of being given many helpful resources [at UVM].”

With the restrictions that have come with the pandemic, entrepreneurs have had to make a lot of changes to their business operations. “I think that in times like these, doubt and worry are incredibly prevalent,” Bennett explained. “In a way this pandemic has allowed all of us to learn that doubt is temporary, and hope is eternal.”